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Acupuncture for Migraines

Migraines and their causes

More than 37 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraine attacks and 2-3 million of those suffer from chronic migraine headaches. Most of these people are unable to work or function normally during a migraine headache. While migraines have numerous causes, such as allergies to food, stress, alcohol consumption, and changes in blood sugar, the cause can be hard to diagnose and often times the treatments either don’t relieve the pain or come with unpleasant side effects.

Typical treatments

Migraine headaches are typically treated with over-the-counter and prescription medications and, sometimes, preventative medication. The problem with medications is that they don’t always work and these medications can lead to adverse side effects. They also don’t address the underlying cause of migraines, they only give temporary relief so that you can live with them, but there is no prevention or cure.

How acupuncture can help

As advanced as modern medicine has become, the human body is still the best doctor; able to heal itself of many of the illnesses patients normally look to a doctor to cure. Acupuncture for migraine pain relief involves the insertion of acupuncture needles—as thin as a human hair—causing a number of biological responses that trigger the body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation and pain and cure the migraines.

Effects of acupuncture

Acupuncture’s effects begin quickly, letting you get back to enjoying life. Most patients notice a difference after just one or two treatments. Medical acupuncture is also completely natural; there are no drugs, surgeries, side effects, or recovery time involved. Acupuncture cures migraine headaches for over 80% of patients with an average of 3-5 treatments.