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Neck Pain

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Neck pain and its causes

We’ve all had neck pain at one time or another, but left untreated, it can get so severe you could become unable to work or enjoy everyday activities. Neck pain can stem from multiple causes: the trauma of a strain or sports injury, a herniated disc or pinched nerve, or degenerative disc disease. The treatments can vary depending on what type of doctor you see, but they’re not all equally effective.

Typical treatments

People tend to seek treatment for their neck pain with a doctor of Western medicine. These doctors typically offer prescriptions in the form of pain killers or muscle relaxers, physical therapy or they may present surgery as an option. The issue with most of these treatments is that while they may cover up the symptoms of neck pain, they don’t address the underlying cause, and the issue can persist or worsen.

How acupuncture can help

As advanced as modern medicine has become, the human body is still the best doctor; able to heal itself of many of the illnesses patients normally look to a doctor to cure. Acupuncture for neck pain relief involves the insertion of acupuncture needles—as thin as a human hair—causing a number of responses that signal the body to reduce inflammation, heal the injured tissue, and relieve pain.

Effects of acupuncture

Acupuncture’s effects begin quickly, letting you get back to enjoying life without having to wait for physical therapy sessions or pain medications to provide relief. Most patients notice a difference after just one or two treatments. In the majority of cases, acupuncture can heal and thereby relieve your neck pain.


“I’ve suffered from chronic neck pain for many years, but 16 months ago the pain got considerably worse. It prevented me from walking even short distances… housework became impossible. I couldn’t even wash my own hair. I went to 5 different specialists, including a rheumatologist and neurosurgeon, but none provided any relief. I’ve received 3 acupuncture treatments from Dr. Ahn, and after the second, I was able to walk and do housework again. Acupuncture has changed my life dramatically when nothing else helped.” – Carol Grimes, Wickenburg, AZ

“I have had neck pain for the last 40 years, with a fractured neck vertebrae and 2 thoracic spine vertebrae. It forced me into early retirement and has been the cause of constant, excruciating pain. I tried traditional Western medicine, but the pain always returned. I didn’t want to take drugs to cope with the pain, so I finally tried acupuncture. After 5 treatments, 80% of my pain is gone.” – Raymond Maione, Phoenix, AZ